Katariina Mäki

PhD (Anim.Sci)

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Birch Bark's Amore (Molla) and Vallattoman Odyssee (Demi)
photo Pia Herme 2002



I am specialized in Population Genetics (genetic diversity and small populations), canine hereditary disorders and breeding value estimations.

I have also carried out customized research projects.  Recent and current projects:
• Population structure and worldwide genetic diversity in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever and the Lancashire Heeler dog populations
• Breed-specific BLUP estimation for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia for nearly 60 breeds (the estimation is being done by the Finnish Kennel Club)
Longevity in the Bernese Mountain Dog. The aim of the study is to estimate heritability of longevity in the Bernese Mountain Dog as well as to develop tools for breeding dogs with a longer lifespan.

BLUP estimation is possible for traits where health or other test results for a sufficient number of individual dogs as well as suitable pedigree data are available. Research on genetic diversity requires extensive pedigrees and includes estimates on
-  the mean inbreeding coefficient in the breed
-  the effective population size in the breed, estimated from the rate of inbreeding
-  mean kinship or mean additive relationship within the breed
-  the effect of the Founder animals
-  the genetic relationships between the populations in different countries.
-  for each animal: inbreeding coefficient, ancestor loss coefficient, as well as average relationship (or mean kinship) with the other animals in the population.

Moneypenny (Penni)
photo Veijo Vilva 2001